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Hi, my name is Laurence!

Project management is my profession, 

personal development my vocation.

And as self-employed, I have the great privilege of being able to pursue both my profession and my vocation at the same time. 

These activities are not as different as they first appear. In both cases, my aim is always to support people in

overcoming challenges,

progressing and

achieving goals.

And regardless of the service you choose, this is my promise:  

Great dedication
Much heart and soul
Individualized service

And how can I support YOU

Find out more about my areas
of expertise
and focus as a
project manager, as well as the
type and scope of project work
I can take on for you. 

Find out more about my 1-to-1 coaching program "Live instead of just functioning" and my group training program "More efficiency through resilience". Discover my blog on the topic of "burn-on". 



+41 79 686 46 40


Bovet Coaching & Services
Haedrichstrasse 13
8047 Zurich


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