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And all without investing countless hours into mindfulness training every day.

In the morning, do you switch straight onto autopilot and soldier through the day feeling listless and exhausted? Thanks to effective and time-saving techniques, I can help you to:


  • master the challenges of everyday life with more composure,

  • regain control over your energy levels,

  • enjoy the beautiful things in life.





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Scientifically proven

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Fancy starting to enjoy your life again?

Have you ever tried to work on your positive mindset, optimize your work-life balance or consciously take time to relax but never managed to find that long-lasting wellness feeling?


Everyone has the potential to do just that. Yes, you too! At any point, you can switch the autopilot off for a life full of joy and composure. Often, what is missing are techniques that really work in challenging situations. Let me show you a way to boost your inner peace in just a few minutes a day. As a result you will have more energy available for the beautiful things in your life.


With my practice-oriented coaching, you will learn how to better regulate your energy balance in challenging times and make your life more enjoyable again.

  • Efficiently  

  • Measurably  

  • Small time investment


This is how I can help you

Yannick A.

"In the first session, I found it very valuable  to learn a simple technique to deal with the challenges of everyday life in a more relaxed way. It helps me right when things get hectic or stressful in some other way and not just when I find the time to practice.


All in all, I feel calmer, more resilient, and the best part? You can't even tell that I'm using a technique!"

Laura B.

"Laurence is a passionate coach – that is immediately obvious. She has impressive expertise, is a great listener, and asks the right questions. She is able to respond to my needs in an authentic, warm, and professional way.


I can highly recommend Laurence as a coach!"

Niki W.

"Personally, the coaching has helped me a lot to build up my resilience. I particularly appreciated the good mix of theory and practice as well as the use of the sensor, which makes the increase of my level of resilience genuinely visible – I found that totally exciting! Now I'm using the techniques on a daily basis.

I found the coaching brilliant – I can only recommend it."

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Goodbye, exhaustion – hello, zest for life!  

  Learn how to  

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Less stress

More composure

More energy

Increased performance

Better sleep quality

Measurable via biofeedback

The fastest way to your transformation

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Book a trial session
The first step is to book a non-binding trial session. When booking, you can choose whether the coaching should take place online or on-site in Zurich Albisrieden. 

Special price for the trial session: CHF 80.00

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Experience your trial session

Together, we will discuss your needs and expectations. You will also get to learn more about me and my approach to coaching.

You learn at least one technique that will help you to feel an increased level of joy and more composure after just a few days.  

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Live instead of just functioning
If the collaboration is a good fit for both of us, I will be happy to support you on your path to transformation going forward. The pace and length of the coaching is then adjusted to your needs. 


You then get access to other scientifically proven techniques that will help you balance your physical, mental, and emotional states. You also learn how to track your progress quickly and easily on your smartphone using a biofeedback device.

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These benefits await you

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More zest for life

You experience fun in life again and no longer drag yourself listlessly through the day. You know how to sustainably create a positive baseline, so you no longer start the day on autopilot in order to survive.


In a nutshell: you're not simply just functioning anymore, you're living again!

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More composure

Things that used to annoy you no longer bother you so much. You are able to choose how you react to external stressors and consciously interrupt your stress reactions.


You regain control over your emotions and feelings, and you no longer fall victim to outside influences.

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More energy

You know your sources of stress and energy drainers, and you avoid losing energy unnecessarily. You can recharge your inner batteries faster, so that your energy levels are always well balanced. 

Overall, you will have more energy for what's really important to you in life, even after a busy day.

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Increased performance

You always keep a cool head and know how to quickly restore your inner balance. Thanks to your strengthened resilience, you are able to better access your intuitive intelligence.


This helps you to take better decisions under time pressure, improve your thinking performance, and give you access to greater intellectual bandwidth​

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Hi, I’m Laurence!


For three decades, I worked for various organizations in Switzerland and across the world – most of the time in positions of responsibility and leadership. I always loved the diversity, the exciting projects, the tingling in my tummy before major milestones, the juggling of stakeholder interests and the constant solving of challenges. My environment knew me as a resilient, efficient and positive person. However, this external perception clashed more and more with my internal state of mind. Deep down, I was not happy (anymore).


Aside from work, there was hardly any energy left. Things I had always enjoyed now felt like duties. I found it difficult to relax. Fatigue, insomnia, and physical pains (which were medically unexplainable) became part of everyday life. All this did not appear overnight, but crept up on me very slowly and – in the end – led to chronic exhaustion, lack of strength, energy, joy and desire. The diagnosis: Burn-on.


Thanks to my keen interest in topics such as personal development, mindfulness, and self-awareness, I knew that everyone is capable of more than they think. But here I was – on the edge of losing the connection to myself. This is when I decided to consistently implement what I had learned. From that day on, everything changed! Where exhaustion and joylessness once existed, there is now energy, composure and zest for life! Little by little, I found back to my true self: cheerful, positive and enterprising. And, every day, I am grateful for that.


My personal experience has shown me how serious this topic is and how quickly a person can lose the ground under their feet. But I am convinced that everyone can make the leap towards a lighter life. For this reason, in 2022, I made the topic closest to my heart my mission. As a certified HeartMath© coach and trainer, I accompany people on their individual path towards transformation. For my clients, this support is much more than coaching: it is the key to a more joyful life.

You would like to take the next step too but have some questions? Feel free to contact me via e-mail

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