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The innovative path towards self-regulation and mental strength at work.  

All companies, organizations and institutions depend on their employees remaining motivated, performing at their best and staying healthy, despite increasing pressure and high workloads.


The ability to self-regulate is key and can be learned quickly with the help of effective and time-saving techniques. It helps your employees:


  • improve their thinking capacity and resilience,

  • increase their performance and productivity,

  • maintain their mental and emotional balance,

  • prevent states of exhaustion (e.g. burn-on or burnout).

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Scientifically proven

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Why not create a supportive and positive working environment? 

Where people work together, different interests and needs come together. Add to this stress and a pressure to perform, and this can lead to tensions, disputes, and conflicts. In today’s working world – where expectations of oneself and others are constantly rising – this toxic cocktail is almost the norm, unfortunately. 
And that really is regrettable because not only does employees’ motivation suffer, but also their mental state and, ultimately, their health. Under these circumstances, companies lose efficiency, risk stress-related absences, and waste valuable resources. A game without any winners. 

But there is another way! With the help of the right tools and techniques, such as the HeartMath® training programme, you – as an employer – can consciously create a supportive and positive working atmosphere. 
The techniques are simple and can be learned quickly. Even the very first exercises noticeably reduce stress levels and improve the resilience of everyone involved. The positive influence on the emotional state and well-being of employees is quickly evident, which inevitably has an equally positive effect on operational success. 
The unique biofeedback method, with which each person can measure their own progress and track it in real time on their smartphone, also acts as a real motivation booster


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 The unique combination of simple exercises and measurability! 

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Enhanced motivation

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Enhanced performance 

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Stress reduction 

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Positive attitude  

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Exhaustion prevention (Burn-on, burnout)

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Measurable resilienc

The fastest way to success 

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Arrange a conversation without any obligation 

Contact me in order to find a date that suits us both.

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First exchange

During a short conversation on the phone, we will discuss your needs and expectations. You will also learn more about me, my offer, and my approach to training.


Together, we will find out whether our potential collaboration could make sense and help you to achieve your goals. A presentation can also be a good introduction to the topic.


The interview is free of charge and without obligation.

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Individual training programme and tailor-made offer
If we are indeed considering collaborating, this step is all about creating an offer (presentation, training programme, etc.) that is tailored to you and your team.

Together, we define the cornerstones during a personal discussion; the format, rhythm, and duration are adapted to your needs.

I will then submit a detailed offer for you to review and approve.

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Less stress and more resilience at work 

I accompany your employees or your team on their path towards reducing their stress and strengthening their resilience.
With simple exercises, they train their ability to self-regulate – the positive effects on motivation, productivity and well-being are quickly noticeable. 


As a certified trainer, I use scientifically tested techniques and HeartMath® biofeedback technology. Where necessary and useful, I introduce further tools from my practice as a coach for personal development, mindfulness, and self-awareness.

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Enhanced motivation

Your employees know how to consciously interrupt their stress reactions, anytime and anywhere, and restore their inner balance. Things that used to annoy them no longer bother them so much.


They enjoy their work again and are motivated to do their best.

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Exhaustion prevention

Increased resilience goes hand in hand with an increased awareness of your personal needs. Your employees become mentally stronger and know how to interpret their body signals better.


The ability to recognise risk situations at an early stage is essential to prevent exhaustion (Burn-on, Burnout etc.).

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Reputational advantage

For some time, the factors making an employer a good one has included promoting a healthy workplace. In addition to performance, diligence, and productivity, consciously reducing stress and compensating for it should be encouraged at the workplace.

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Enhanced performance

Employees who have the ability to self-regulate are able to perform excellently, keep a cool head at all times, and make better decisions under pressure.  


Thanks to improved resilience, performance and productivity are boosted.

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Increased performance

With in-house HeartMath® training, you don’t just create working relationships characterised by mutual appreciation and understanding, you also maximise your employees’ vitality.


Achieving a positive basic attitude in the workplace guarantees constructive and profitable collaboration.

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Measurable success

With the modern biofeedback system by HeartMath®, everyone can measure their own progress and easily track it on their smartphone.


For your employees, the improvement in their resilience is not only noticeable in their bodies, but also measurable and even visible.

Hi, I'm Laurence!


For three decades, I worked in Switzerland and across the world for various companies in the financial industry and primary sector organizations. I trained part-time in marketing, communications, and business administration, and I took on various roles of responsibilities and leadership functions throughout my career. I appreciated the diverse, exciting projects, juggling different stakeholder interests, and having to constantly solve challenges. However, the more I worked, the more I noticed my resistance to stress and motivation were waning. I had the feeling that I was always working in autopilot mode – I felt under pressure constantly and found it difficult to actually relax.


At the same time, my general interest in topics such as personality development, mindfulness and self-awareness had turned into a true passion. In 2022, this finally pushed me to fulfil my greatest wish to make the topic closest to my heart my mission. As a certified coach and trainer at the HeartMath® Institute, I now accompany individuals, teams, companies, organizations or institutions on their individual paths towards greater resilience, performance, and success.


My own experience as an employee and leader – as well as my insights into dealing with stress – are extremely valuable. I understand the challenges of today’s working world and am able to respond to your individual needs and expectations with my service. I use scientifically proven techniques and HeartMath® biofeedback technology. Further, where necessary and useful, I bring other tools from my practice as a coach and mentor into play.


I am deeply convinced that no company, no organization, and no institution can realise its full potential as long as health- and awareness-promoting measures are not part of everyday business life. For my clients, working with me is not just about coaching. For them, it is the opportunity to create a sustainably profitable environment that promotes healthy working.

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