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Nowadays, many people no longer live, they just function... I want to change that.


Through 1-to-1 coachings, group trainings and presentations, I help people to understand the underlying mechanisms and give them tools for everyday life in order to:

  • become calmer and more efficient,

  • release more energy and thereby

  • regain a certain zest for life.

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Simple techniques
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Practical tips

1-to-1 coaching

  You are no longer willing to soldier through the day on autopilot, feeling listless and exhausted?

You are longing for more zest for life and would like to (finally) start to enjoy again what is really important to you in life?

You are looking for ways to better control your energy levels and consciously recharge your inner batteries? 


I can help you with this! No matter whether all or "only" some of the above applies to you, in my one-to-one coaching sessions I address YOUR needs individually – so that you quickly feel more composure and joy in everyday life.

Group training
(for companies and organisations)

Stress and exhaustion in the working environment have as many faces as there are different individuals – some people clearly show that they are overwhelmed, while others keep it to themselves for a long time.

Regardless of this, however, the consequences are always the same: motivation, resilience and performance drop drastically, the risk of stress-related absences increases considerably. A "game" without any winners...

As a former burn-on sufferer, I now work as a coach and trainer for more mental strength, balance and mindfulness at the workplace. In doing so, I rely on my many years of experience as an employee and leader.

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"Just a few minutes will help you to go through your day with more ease, self-confidence and composure.


This is not only a great added value for you, but also benefits those around you."

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Seen in the media

Laurence Bovet : coach spécialiste du burn-on, une problématique encore méconnue. 


My biggest heart's desire is to support as many people as possible
like you on their path to a fulfilled, happy and healthy life – this is
the reason why I am also currently hard at work developing the MerryLynn Academy. 


With several online programmes I want to motivate and inspire
you to unlock your full potential so that you can enjoy life for what
it really is: A VALUABLE PRESENT!

Latest blog posts

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Let's keep in touch!


In my newsletter I write about my coaching practice and regularly share success stories as well as valuable tips, facts and information that lead to more composure and joy in everyday life.

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