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A short-term staff shortage. 

A temporary, increased need for human resources.

A project that does not fit into any scope of duties (one-off, cross-departmental, etc.).

A special project that temporarily ties up large resources.

A lack of specific project management skills within the team.

The desire for more flexible working conditions and staff.

A need for fresh ideas and an external perspective.

And so on...

These are all reasons and circumstances that can stand in the way of a successful and efficient implementation of projects in your organization, especially at a time when deadlines are getting shorter and the pressure of performance is increasing.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

As an experienced project manager, I will be happy to assist you.  

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«In such circumstances, working with specialized freelancers is the smartest solution – especially if efficient project management is to go hand in hand with cost efficiency.»

Quality, flexibility, individuality: the winning combination for your project

Time frame

When it comes to project management flexibility is one of the keys to success. For this reason, anything is conceivable in terms of the time aspect of a potential collaboration: short to long-term, one-off or recurring, for single days or a longer period of time, spontaneous or planned well in advance - I am flexible.*

Focus areas

My main areas of focus are exhibitions, events, marketing and communication. However, in the course of my career I have been actively involved in a wide variety of projects, including sponsoring, business plans, online marketplaces and voting campaigns. Regardless of the topic or area, quality is always my top priority.

Project size

No matter whether you want to outsource a project completely or simply need support with specific project tasks. I can take on small to medium-sized projects from start to end, help with sub-projects or just complete single project tasks – whatever is most beneficial to you and your organization, on an individual basis.*

*According to capacity and availability.

Get in touch to find out how I can best assist you

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Your Competence Center for exhibitions

Would you like to present your organization at an exhibition, but have as little as possible to do with the realization of the exhibits?
This is just the right thing for you!

Thanks to a close cooperation with my broad network of experienced, committed and highly professional partners, I can offer you all services related to trade fairs and exhibitions as a one-stop shop.

Content creation

 Graphic design

Delivery and installation

Of course, individual services are also possible. I am happy to work with your existing partners on request.

Some examples of projects

From the present and the past

Erlebnis Nahrig

Overall project leadership for the annual special show within the OLMA in St. Gallen.

Voting campaigns

Active involvement in various national campaigns on behalf of the Swiss farmer's union.

Expo Milano 2015

Overall project leadership for the presence of the Swiss agriculture and food industry at the world exhibition.

RegioSport Kollektiv

Development of a sponsoring collective for running events in Switzerland.

Rösti World Record

Co-project leadership for the one-day event on the Federal Square in Bern, incl. catering concept.


Further development of the leading online marketplace for construction machinery in Switzerland.

My clients

Working for the bests

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Our collaboration

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First exchange
Description of the project specifications, expectations and requirements, clarification of feasibility. 
I will provide you with a detailed offer. Depending on the scope and duration of the project, I will apply an hourly or daily rate.
Decision and, if applicable, cooperation
Once the collaboration conditions are right for both sides, nothing stands in the way of a successful project implementation.
My contact details

+41 79 686 46 40

My LinkedIn profile
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